Psychological aid for victims of the corona virus in Italy “Update March 19, 2020”

New Letter from Stefano Carpani, Italy

Thrusday, March 19, 2020

We wanted to update you on our online psychological support plan for health professionals involved in the current COVID-19 crisis.
As of today we are almost 40 colleagues and the number of volunteers is growing.
Please find attached the final materials we developed in Italy: 

Flyer (about the initiative)
Letter to invite therapists to volunteer
Guidelines for therapists who offered to volunteer, explain the setting and method

We are at disposal of those colleagues willing to initiate a similar initiative. 

Best regards and again thanks for your support,
Maria Giovanna Bianchi, Paola Cascino, Stefano Carpani, Roberto Grande, Antonio Lanfranchi, Monica Luci, Alessandra di Montezemolo, Eva Pattis Zoja, Chiara Tozzi

Letter from Stefano Carpani, Italy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Since last Sunday, a small group of Italian colleagues have joined forces to find a way to offer psychological support to the MDs, nurses and general medical staff in Italy.

The aim of this is to provide a safe and protected virtual space to contain the expression of their personal fears and also explore together some sense of our shared humanity.

We are conscious that our offer is somehow limited, but we wanted to be proactive for our country and for those working non-stop against this crisis. This is why we decided to focus on such specific target.

This is a spontaneous, transversal, plural effort based on solidarity, and – although this initiative was taken by Jungians – it is open to psychologist, psychoanalyst/therapist of any school and tradition.

We have decided to offer the following individual and group support:


–          4 online sessions

–          45 minutes long

–          Weekly or biweekly

–          Free of charge

Groups (this proposal was shaped by Eva Pattis Zoja and the Group)

–          4 online session

–          75 minutes long

–          4 participants (+2 in waiting list)

–          1 therapist per group

–          We truly appreciate your and IAAP’s support.

We would be grateful if you could share this through IAAP’s communication channels at all levels, including Analytical Psychology associations in Italy and internationally.

We also appreciate IAAP´s technological support in terms of platform, when available. We can discuss this at our earlier convenience.

We are happy to share that this group has now reached 20 participants and we look forward to including all those colleagues available in Italy. List of participants as of today (10pm):

Alvaro Ancona

Irene Agnello

Maria Giovanna Bianchi

Stefano Carpani

Flavia D’Andreamatteo

Heather Formaini

Laura Francioli (Copenhagen – psicologa)

Roberto Grande

Elisabetta Iberni

Monica Luci

Nadia Marolda

Claudio Mele (candidate CGJIZ)

Alessandra di Montezemolo

Fabrice Olivier

Elisabetta Pasini (candidate CGJIZ)

Marzia Santori (candidate CGJIZ)

Eva Pattis Zoja

Caterina Tabasso

Chiara Tozzi

Sara Zoja

Signed by

Maria Giovanna Bianchi, Stefano Carpani, Roberto Grande, Monica Luci, Alessandra di Montezemolo, Eva Pattis Zoja, Chiara Tozzi

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