Psychological care by IIJP, Israel

The Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology in honor of Erich Neumann (IIJP) has very close and ongoing ties with the Ukrainian Jungian Groups. For over 10 years, analysts from our Institute have been teaching, supervising and lecturing in Ukraine. With the cruel invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian Army in February this year, our Institute requested help from “Natal”, an Israeli organization that specializes in the treatment of trauma. We were able to create a series of Zoom meetings in which psychologists from Natal were able supervise hundreds of Ukrainian Mental Health Workers in the treatment of trauma. Natal staff were able to immediately translate useful materials on trauma into the Ukrainian language as well as produce workbooks in Ukrainian for Mental Health Professionals in Ukraine. In parallel, ongoing support groups were created to support our colleagues in Ukraine. Three groups are working with UDG, and one group with UJA.
Another group is working Russian Jungian analysts who oppose the war, and feel alienated and isolated in their own country. In addition, immediately after the atrocities in the city of Bucha, analysts from our Institute organized four Zoom sessions, specifically designed for the treatment of survivors of sexual trauma, both for children and for adults. In all of our initiatives, analysts were dedicated and devoted, openhearted, with a great love for our colleagues. Analysts of IIJP also received and continue to receive referrals for treatment, supervision, responding openly to those who request our assistance. Our Institute strongly supports the Ukrainian struggle for independence and for realization of Ukrainian identity, as distinct from any other identity. We enormously appreciate the wonderful spirit of our Ukrainian colleagues who are mobilized to help their fellow Ukrainians at every time and in every situation. We, members of IIJP, stand in awe of this amazing dedication.

Hoping and praying for the end of this war and a Free Ukraine
Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology in honor of Erich Neumann

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