Psychological care by PTPA, Poland

Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine, PTPA Board has been undertaking a number of activities aimed at providing both current and long-term aid. First of all, PTPA offers free support to people fleeing an armed conflict, as well as volunteers and other supporters – ten people are involved in providing this help. Two of our members also provide free supervision assistance to people who work with refugees. Taking care of our members’ resources, we also offer free bodywork workshops, which one of the participants of the Router Group runs for our members. What’s more, on April 9, we organized a day-long training on working with trauma for both Polish psychotherapists and Ukrainian psychotherapists. We invited two psychologists and crisis interveners from Israel to cooperate. Alex Galchinsky and Yoav Geva shared with us both their practical and theoretical experience. The training – by the decision of the PTPA Board – was free of charge for members of our Association and Ukrainian psychotherapists. The interest was huge. Thirty people from Ukraine took part in the workshop. And we trained 12 people from Polish therapists. We tried to allow the rest of the participants to participate on-line, so it turned out to be a big undertaking.
We are also in contact with NATAN in order to organize professional activities for supporters.
We are also part of the Polish Migration Forum and the Warsaw Volunteers Group as an organization. We actively participate in the forum, sharing experiences and connecting various organizations that can cooperate with each other and provide support. We stay in touch with the media – both Polish and foreign – that are trying to contact refugees, as well as various people involved in providing support in Poland in order to prepare reports or other materials on this topic.
In addition to activities at the organizational level, some of our members undertake other voluntary activities at the district level – working at reception points, organizing collections, co-running support groups or helping Ukrainian children who operate in the Polish education system. Due to the fact that I work at school myself, I also actively participated in organizing the so-called preparatory classes at schools. I also conducted free of charge workshops for teachers on dealing with educationally difficult situations in the field of supporting children after recent crisis experiences.
Many of our members actively learn in the area of working with trauma, taking part in training courses and workshops organized, for example, by the Polish Migration Forum.
In May, the Management Board of PTPA received an invitation and had the honor to take part in the event: Solidarity with Ukrainian Jungians event with Ann Ulanov!

Marta Kotarba, PhD
The Polish Association for Analytical Psychology (PTPA)
Developing Group of IAAP

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