Psychological care for colleagues in Ukraine

Ongoing voluntary crisis therapy for individuals and groups, guidance, moderation, and supervision of support groups, training courses etc.
Jungian analysts and therapists from Ukraine are doing what they can to voluntarily help and support their compatriots under very difficult conditions, for instance in bomb shelters and other unsafe places.
Jungian analysts from Israel have since the beginning of February offered crisis help to our colleagues in Ukraine, organised by the Liaison Person for the Ukrainian Developing Group (UDG), Batya Brosh Palmoni.
There are at the moment 4 support groups conducted by Israeli colleagues. They have also conducted several webinars for Ukrainian colleagues and recently set up two new groups about abuse of children and women. A group of senior Israeli analysts provides support on working with Trauma From the start of the invasion, Jungian analysts from LAAP, Lithuania have, under the leadership of the IAAP Regional Organiser, Grazina Gudaite, offered guidance, moderation, and supervision for individuals and groups as well as organizing training courses for colleagues from Ukraine. Analysts from the UK have for some time had a long-term supervision project in Ukraine, and now, as they continue it, they are providing the supervisions for free and coordinate a lot of activities for the refugees.
Also, analysts from the Czech Society, Poland, Bulgaria, and many other countries are doing help work for free, not least helping the Ukrainian refugees who escaped to their countries.

An online initiative, #TherapistforUkraine has been set up. This platform organises psychological support to Ukrainians FOR FREE as of today! The online service functions via an online counselling platform called “It’s Complicated”, generously made available by our colleague, Jakob Lusensky. Colleagues interested in volunteering (limited sessions for free) can sign up here:
Jakob Lusensky has compiled a list of individual practitioners with expertise on sexual trauma offering free online counselling sessions in English and therapists with expertise who could also offer workshops and education material for therapists working in Ukraine. The list also comprises different institutes, in Europe and in Ukraine with special expertise in this area. For more information, please contact

Crisis Counselling programs
The Ukrainian Developing Group UDG, has organised a crisis counselling program for 60 UDG members which has been paid by the IAAP from the donation-budget. The course instructors are international experts in crisis response and trauma management. The course is ongoing, and the feedback is positive, mentioning that the technique is helping the therapists in their work with patients and as self-help.
The Israeli colleagues have kindly organised the translation into Ukrainian of material on working with Trauma. The material has been distributed to everyone in need of it.

Expressive Sandwork for Ukrainian refugees in Italy
CIPA Italy has, via a very generous donation, started a help project where volunteers and psychoanalysts, both Italian and Ukrainian, are doing Expressive Sandwork for Ukrainian refugees. Dr. Eva Pattis, a Jungian psychoanalyst for adults and children, established this method on the basis of C.G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology and Sandplay Therapy developed by Jungian pupil, Dora Kalf. The Expressive Sandwork is applied in a setting of volunteers, offering a safe space for the participants to feel safe to play. CIPA aims at building a network all over Italy providing Expressive Sandwork in the reception centres which host children and adults from Ukraine.