Statement and updates about the war in Ukraine

We continue to express our serious concerns regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine, which since February 24, has been causing immense suffering and destruction and has brought about disastrous conditions for our Ukrainian Jungian colleagues. We strongly condemn the aggressive military invasion by Russia and extend our deeply felt sympathy and solidarity to all Group Members, members of the Developing Groups, their families, friends, and fellow citizens in the Eastern and Central European region who are affected by the war and who suffer because of political decisions they do not have the power to influence. We strongly support the many projects of psychological care for the affected and hurt people in the region and wholeheartedly appreciate all the voluntary help offered by a large number of our members. The members of the IAAP from all over the world have clearly expressed their support by writing letters and statements, by organising fund-raising events, as well as by generously donating via the donation button for psychological care in the region.

Support letters and statements for our colleagues in Ukraine

Psychological care for colleagues in Ukraine

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