Statement on indiginous cultures and people of color

In 2015 the IAAP Executive Committee was asked to consider making a formal statement regarding concerns some members expressed about the role played by aspects of Jung’s writings in shaping attitudes to Analytical Psychology among persons of African decent, indigenous cultures, and other persons of color.  The Executive Committee took this request under advisement and prepared a Statement that was sent out to the President of each Group Member and Individual Members in preparation for the Meeting of Delegates in Kyoto. From the reaction of the membership it became clear that much more discussion on the topic was needed. The EC therefore decided to recommend the Delegates table the vote on this item and to refer it back to the EC.

The newly elected Officers and EC have continued the discussion on the statement. Posted below you will find the original statement presented in Kyoto, and the most recent revision of the statement from January of 2017.  Please note that this version is not a final statement, but is posted to encourage an ongoing process of discussion and reflection.

The membership is invited to discuss in their groups the questions and problems which the statement throws up and to provide feed back to the President regarding their thoughts and personal responses. As part of the discussion, the IAAP is also planning a symposium in Prague on Monday, 4th December 2017, from 9am to 2pm.

As this process continues, the membership will be kept apprised of any significant changes to the statement by way of the annual President’s Letter, and further postings to the website.


Original Draft Statement

Current Draft Statement

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