In the Spotlight – Verena Kast

Prof. Dr. phil. Verena Kast, psychologist, analyst, and psychotherapist, was a professor of anthropological psychology at the University of Zurich. She is a teaching analyst and supervisor at the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich and was President of the Curatorium of the Institute.

She served as president of the Swiss Society for Analytical Psychology and the IAAP, where she initiated the current constitution. In German-speaking countries, she is also well-known as the former co-director of the Lindauer Psychotherapiewochen, the largest German-speaking continuing education event in psychotherapy.

Verena is a gifted author. She has published numerous publications in the field of fairy tales, symbolism in general, relationships, mourning processes, emotions, and also in connection with complex theory and imagination. She is by far the best-known author of Jungian literature in the German-speaking sphere. Generations of students have been inspired by her lectures and books.

Growing up on a farm near Lake Constance after the end of the war and first studying to become a teacher before going to University, Verena has always been able to bring a universe of experiences and perspectives into her work. Never dogmatic and always keeping an open mind allowed her to embrace all areas that affect the human psyche and connect it with Jungian psychology.

Throughout her career, Verena was also actively involved in promoting the understanding and appreciation of Jungian psychology. She gave countless talks and lectures on the subject, both in Switzerland and internationally, and her writing and research were widely published in academic journals and popular press. She can be considered one of the pioneering figures in our field.

The successful Router program of the IAAP was co-founded by Verena and from the very beginning she was supporting Router groups in various countries by giving lectures, seminars and supervision. With her activities she encouraged the growth of several Developing Groups and the dissemination of Jung’s work in new areas of the world.

Whoever has had the privilege of meeting Verena could enjoy her wisdom, humour, and generosity that she shares with others.

Andreas Michel

You may also read the interview from the 2019 IAAP Newsletter where Verena Kast is interviewed by Ann Casement. Click HERE to open a pdf-version of the interview.

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