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The Conference on Film and Analytical Psychology

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XXII International Congress for Analytical Psychology

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Embodied Jung Conference 2022

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XXVI Congress of Associação Junguiana do Brasil - AJB

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International Conference C.G. Jung Institute Küsnacht (ZH)

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5th International Analysis and Activism Conference

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IX Latin American Conference of Jungian Psychology

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International Association for Analytical Psychology

Updated statement about the war in Ukraine
We continue to express our serious concerns regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine, which since February 24, has been causing immense suffering and destruction and has brought about disastrous conditions for our Ukrainian Jungian colleagues. We strongly condemn the aggressive military invasion by Russia and extend our deeply felt sympathy and solidarity to all Group Members, members of the Developing Groups, their families, friends, and fellow citizens in the Eastern and Central European region who are affected by the war and who suffer because of political decisions they do not have the power to influence. We strongly support the many projects of psychological care for the affected and hurt people in the region and wholeheartedly appreciate all the voluntary help offered by a large number of our members. The members of the IAAP from all over the world have clearly expressed their support by writing letters and statements, by organising fund-raising events, as well as by generously donating via the donation button (at the bottom of this page) for psychological care in the region.

European Commission EU Health Award to IAAP colleague Riccardo Bernardini

Ph. Alessandra Agnolon and Riccardo Bernardini at the occasion of the 2021 EU Health Award – Mental Health Award Ceremony, Berlaymont Palace, Brussels (European Commission, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety – DG SANTE), May 4, 2022

News and updates
The IAAP will here write the latest news and updates from the disastrous war in Ukraine.

Support letters and statements for our colleagues in Ukraine
The IAAP collects and shows support letters and statements sent to us for our colleagues in Ukraine.
We thank the numerous Group Members, Developing Groups and allied Organizations who have submitted their letter of support / statement. If your group wants to submit a letter, please send it to IAAP President Toshio Kawai, kawai.toshio.6c@kyoto-u.ac.jp or to IAAP President-elect Misser Berg, misser.berg@gmail.com and we will add them to the list. Please click on the headline above (link) and read the many letters as well as the letters of thanks from the President of UDG, Valentina Samus and the president of UJA, Inna Kyryliuk.

Psychological care for colleagues in Ukraine
Already a few days after the war broke out in Ukraine, several help programs were initiated. A crisis counselling program with international experts in crisis response and trauma management, an online service #TherapistforUkraine and guidance, moderation, and supervision etc. by colleagues from Lithuania, Israel, UK, Czech Rep., Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, and others. Please click on the headline above (link) and read about the many voluntary programs offered by our colleagues.

The IAAP now has a new logo. Toshio Kawai and the designer, Shinya Yamamoto, the creator of the logo for the 2016 IAAP Congress in Kyoto, worked together on this logo. It contains each of the letters of the abbreviation IAAP.
The Executive Committee approved the final versions of the logo at the meeting in January 2020. The video below shows the stages of the creation of the new logo.

New items on the website

Articles on Analytical Psychology
A selection of brief introductory articles on the founding concepts of analytical psychology is being published in the section: Jung & Analytical Psychology. The authors are senior Jungian Analysts from different parts of the world. The articles can be accessed either through Analytical Psychology by George Hogenson, or by going directly into Contemporary Understandings of Analytical Psychology

IAAP, International Association for Analytical Psychology  

The International Association for Analytical Psychology, IAAP was founded in 1955 by a group of Jungian Analysts to sustain and promote the work of C. G. Jung.  Today the IAAP recognizes 69 Group Members (societies) throughout the world, and around 3500 analysts trained in accordance with standards established by the Association. 

Since the late 1990’s the IAAP has been engaged in providing training possibilities for people who live in places where no registered training to become a Jungian Analyst with membership of the IAAP is available. The result of this is that the IAAP now has training facilities and qualified Jungian Analysts in all continents.

The aims of the IAAP are: 1. To promote the study of Analytical Psychology 2. To disseminate knowledge of Analytical Psychology 3. To require the maintenance of high standards of training, practice, and ethical conduct 4. To hold Congresses. In addition to the triennial IAAP Congresses, the IAAP also support international conferences around the world, and during the last years the IAAP has actively taken part in joint conferences with universities in recognition of the importance of the connection to the scientific world. This is also reflected in the growing support by the IAAP of research in the Analytical Psychological field.

The IAAP Non-Discrimination Policy

Along with challenges and losses that the coronavirus pandemic has brought upon our world, the spirit of our time has also brought a wave of change of perception, revealing some of the ills of the global political and socio-economic order. The long history of deeply ingrained racial, economic, gender and other inequalities are being challenged in different parts of the world, demanding a new landscape where some ills may begin to heal.

A policy of non-discrimination is defined in the IAAP Constitution.
Our members are required to follow a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, and sexual orientation. This includes activities of IAAP professional groups, such as membership in a professional society, training programs, and events for the public at large, sponsored by the various Societies.

The Non-Discrimination Policy is a regular part of the IAAP website and can be found in “About the IAAP dropdown”. Because of its actuality we have now additionally placed this text here in the front of the website.

Social and Environmental Contributions

IAAP is an organization which takes responsibility for social and environmental issues. In accordance with this policy, we support projects with psychological care for victims of natural disasters, and we also support activities against climate change. It is possible to make donations for these purposes. The IAAP will currently inform about the support within these areas. Please use one of the donate-buttons below.

Donations for psychological care in Ukraine

Donations by bank transfer and credit card

Donate for climate