In the Spotlight – Andrew Samuels

Andrew Samuels

In this issue of the IAAP News Bulletin we are pleased to introduce Andrew Samuels, who is yet another of our colleagues who has had a remarkable influence on the Jungian community. Please enjoy Misser Berg’s introduction and her interview with Andrew Samuels.

Jungian Analyst Professor Andrew Samuels is a Training and Supervising analyst in SAP, London as well as an Honorary Member of AJA, London. He graduated very young and has since then had a remarkable international career. He is probably most known for his writings on political and social themes from a psychological viewpoint. 

In the 1980s, Andrew was very prolific and wrote several books, including the bestseller Jung and the Post-Jungians, which still today provides an excellent and clear overview of Jung’s and his successors’ writings. He then coined the continuously very relevant descriptions of the three schools in Analytical Psychology: The Classical, the Developmental and the Archetypal school. He also wrote other great books, such as The Plural Psyche and the anthology The Father.
In the 1990’s onward he published a number of books focusing on politics and psychology, such as The Political Psyche, Politics on the Couch – and during all the years he has also written a lot of book-chapters and numerous articles. He has challenged Jung’s writings in several areas, such as gender, politics, diversity etc.
In 2006 Andrew became, together with Renos Papadopoulos, one of the first Jungian Professors in the world (David Rosen being the first one) at the University of Essex where he served until his retirement in 2019.
In 2014 he founded, together with Emilija Kiehl, the Analysis & Activism group which this year will celebrate its 10th anniversary, and he is still an active writer on the political email listserv that started in 2014.  
Throughout the years, Andrew has been active as a founder and board member/President of several associations, such as UKCP, Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility and others.

I first met Andrew in 1987 when he organised a supplementary Jungian Training for me and a group of fellow candidates from Denmark who wanted to join the IAAP as Individual Members. Andrew set up a great program for us where during the next 3½ years we met a number of well-known Jungians from the (then) four societies in London. We in Denmark are forever grateful for his assistance in helping us become members of the IAAP.

Click HERE for Misser Berg’s interview with Andrew Samuels


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