In the Spotlight – Astrid Berg

The IAAP Bulletin Spotlight for this edition is on Astrid Berg, one of the stalwarts of Jungian psychology in South Africa and internationally. She is known as a diligent organizer, accomplished speaker and incisive writer. Astrid was asked by Fred Borchardt to tell Bulletin Readers about herself. He wanted to know a little more about the beginnings of her journey towards becoming a Jungian Analyst, her organizational life on various levels over the years, as well as her special interest in African Traditional Healing. Below is her response. herself.

As the first born child to a mother who was a refugee from Eastern Prussia and newly settled in South Africa, I was bound to absorb her multiple traumatic WWII experiences. It was the task of the next generation to be conscious of these and to metabolize them.

I am grateful that I was able to grow up in South Africa – it provided an opportunity for a calm childhood with good educational opportunities.

At the time this was particularly so because of belonging to the “European” group of the populations which was privileged during Apartheid years.

I studied medicine and then entered the field of psychiatry, eventually also qualifying as a child & adolescent psychiatrist.
Click HERE to read the full report by Astrid Berg.

You may also read the interview from the December 2018 IAAP News Sheet where Astrid Berg is interviewed by Emilija Kiehl. Click HERE to open a pdf-version of the interview.

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