Support letters for our colleagues in Ukraine

The IAAP collects and shows support letters and statements sent to us for our colleagues in Ukraine. All Group Members, Developing Groups and allied Organizations are welcome to submit a letter of support / statement to IAAP President Toshio Kawai,  or to IAAP President-elect Misser Berg,  and we will add them to the list.
As a response to all the support from both IAAP Group Members (societies), mentioned below, as well as from the numerous members who have individually submitted their personal letters of support, the President of UJA, Inna Kyryliuk (link to letter), and the President of UDG, Valentina Samus (link to letter) have submitted their Letters of thanks. We are honored to share these heartbreaking and warm letters that gives the most authentic, honest and touching testimony of the horrors our Ukrainian colleagues are going through.


Dear friends and colleagues both in Ukraine and in flight from the cruel suffering being perpetrated upon your homeland and your people.
We wish to offer our solidarity and support as you struggle with this outrageous invasion of your country and aggressive dismantling of your peaceful way of life. This short message comes with our love for you and your families and with encouragement in your work with analysands and those experiencing the trauma of war. After so many weeks of unthinkable abuses heaped upon Ukraine we still hold fast to the hope that a shaft of light might illuminate the darkness and bring this conflict to an end.
ANZSJA Membership

To all our friends and colleagues in Ukraine,
We wish to express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine and especially our friends and colleagues in the Ukrainian Jungian community. We stand with you against the violent invasion by the Russian army and offer you our support in whatever way we can in your time of need. These are dark and terrible times but we maintain our hope and faith in our common humanity and the power of the human spirit to survive and flourish. You are not alone!
With our love and best wishes
Inge Spencer
Chair, Society of Analytical Psychology

Dear Ukrainian Colleagues and Friends,
It is with deep pain and terror that we are witnessing the deaths and the suffering of innocent Ukrainian people, so brutally attacked in an act of appalling aggression. We would like to express our profound sympathy, compassion, and full solidarity with your brave nation. It is heartbreaking to see thousands of women and children leaving their homes and seeking refuge in Poland and in other countries. As your closest neighbours, we feel deeply concerned and responsible for providing as much assistance as we possibly can. If any of you need any kind of support, please contact us.
With deepest care and respect,
Łukasz Müldner-Nieckowski, President
Polish Association for Jungian Analysis

Dear Jungian Friends in Ukraine,
The current situation of war and the way it has been prolonged is painful. Although it is having a global impact that is likely to last for decades or maybe generations, what the people of Ukraine are going through cannot be paralleled. The collective strength of character that the people of Ukraine have shown is exemplary and heartwarming. We the members of Ahmedabad Jung Centre understand (or try to) your difficult situation and extend full hearted support. We humbly offer to give any psychological support that might be feasible and helpful. Our members are also sending whatever financial support they can through International Red Cross.
Most of our friends in Russia are also probably caught in a difficult situation and maybe, are not supportive of the current political scenario. I here share verbatim the frustration of one of our Russian members.
“Thank you so much for your deep concern, this war is a great tragedy for all of us, and I undoubtedly condemn it. I as well as my friends and colleagues in Russia consider it a crime against humanity. All of us pray for the end of this terrible, mean, cruel, and unfair conflict. We hope that the peace will return to Ukraine.”
We extend our good wishes to them as well.
Dr. Minakshi Parikh (M.D.)
president, Ahmedabad Jung Centre

Dear Ukranian Colleagues,
On behalf of the Pacific Northwest Society of Jungian Analysts I wish to add our heart felt support and concern for the people of Ukraine and for our analytic colleagues in the UJA. Our hearts go out to you.
We are appalled at the horror being inflicted on Ukraine in this unjust war. We are grateful for all the work you have been doing to address the psychological, spiritual, and physical suffering of those around you.
Grateful for the empathic statement and donation assistance provided by the IAAP, as well as the letters of support from other societies, our members have been making financial donations through the IAAP to support you in your time of need.
We are also grateful for all those who have been helping refugees fleeing this invasion.
This horror reminds us of the unfinished human task of taking responsibility for our collective shadow (as well as our personal ones) with renewed resolve to contain and transform this darkness. We feel compassion for those in Russia who oppose this attack on Ukraine but feel powerless to stop it or who would have opposed it if they had accurate information.
We too struggle to make sense of this devastation.
We are appalled at this unbridled abuse of power fueled by persistent disinformation campaigns, with blatant disregard for human life and peaceful co-existence.
It is appalling to see this unbridled projection of personal and collective shadow fueling devastating attacks on vulnerable and defenseless citizens and civil institutions.
Our hearts are with you.
We are deeply moved by images of Ukranians’ irrepressable spirit and bravery, expressed in music, in giving aid to others.
We wrestle with the challenge of how to effectively set limits with those who give themselves over to power motives without compassion for others or for the rule of law.
May this horror end as soon as possible.
Bonnie McLean
President, Pacific Northwest Society of Jungian Analysts

Dear Inna Kyryliuk, all members of UJA and Ukrainian psychologists and people,
Greetings to you all from the members of the Jung Institute of Santa Fe. We read your letter to IAAP forwarded to us, and we are all so saddened and horrified by what is happening to you and your country, and want so much to be of some help and comfort to you all in this terrible time. We are also so moved by your courage and spirit in the face of catastrophe, and because you said that feeling a spirit of unity is like “living water” for you, we want you to know how deeply we carry your terror and sorrow in our hearts, and prayers for a swift end to the attack, as we go about our days. We spent most of our monthly meeting last Saturday sharing our grief and concerns for everyone in Ukraine, and wondering how we might be of help. We have gathered donations from our members are sending these today through IAAP.
Analytical psychology was born in times such as these, when Jung was forced by his times, and his dream of rivers of blood, to go deeply into the insanity of the collective psyche in a quest to understand the collective darkness and his own, and to offer that gift of light to all of us. We believe in the power of consciousness to penetrate and heal the darkness of the human soul, individually and collectively. We are praying for the safety and well-being of the Ukranian people, and we also pray that the Russian soldiers forced to carry out this attack will be moved to lay down their arms, stop their tanks, and refuse to harm their brethren. And we pray for the world to wake up to the dangers of autocratic leaders everywhere, and take up the difficult task of working together to create strong democratic governments.

One of our members had an experience she wants to tell you about:
Last Saturday evening I attended a performance of the Albuquerque Symphony, with special guest virtuoso Ukranian pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk. The program was to be a performance of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto number 2, but Gavrylyuk changed the program in light of the Russian attack, and played instead some solo pieces from Prokofiev—who was born in eastern Ukraine—and the last three pieces in Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, the last of which is, of course, the Great Gates of Kyiv. This piece crescendos into such a magnificent climax, it suggests the pinnacle of civilization itself has been reached. I know I am not the only person in the audience who wept all the way through this program. The passion and the power of Gavrylyuk’s playing conveyed such a profound love of his country, and grief and outrage at its violation, it seemed the piece had been created just for this moment, to help all of us experience together the heartbreak and love of Ukraine this brilliant man was pouring into music. I was deeply shaken by this experience, and can hear the “Great Gates of Kyiv” in my heart as I write this. I will carry this experience with me through the days ahead, and send my prayers for peace on the wings of music celebrating the Great Gates of Kyiv, that live in our imaginal souls.
Your colleagues and friends,
C. G. Jung Institute of Santa Fe
Frances Hatfield, Larry Rayburn, Jane Penrod, Jacqueline Zeller Levine, Jacqueline West, Deanne Newman, Guil Dudley, Jerome Bernstein, Rich Ryan, David Solem, Monika Wikman, Barry Williams, Pui Harvey, Marilyn Matthews, Eve Maram, Sheryl Corchnoy, Bill Kotsch
Santa Fe, USA

Dear Presidents, the Ukraine Society and Colleagues,
On behalf of all the members of the Hungarian Association for Analytical Psychology, we would like to express our compassion and sympathy as well as our support and solidarity in these difficult times.
We find the current situation especially troubling and concerning given that Ukraine line at the borders of our country. We follow the events very closely and witness the unfolding tragedy of hundreds of thousands of refugees having to leave their homes.
Until now about 200,000 refugees have arrived in our country. It is the Hungarian civil society that takes the most active part in helping refugees.
In emergency medical services somatic care is paramount but epidemiological and psychological assistance are also of high importance at the borders and refugee centres as well, which include epidemiological screenings and providing guidance for, and accompanying, the wounded and the sick to the hospitals.
We make sure that basic vital needs are satisfied and emergency medical support, crisis intervention and mental hygiene background are provided for the staff. Our thoughts are with you. In addition to providing direct assistance to the refugees arriving in our country, at the moment we provide help for the helpers directly on an individual basis (in training and supervision), and we are trying to find new ways to help those that stayed in Ukraine.
Please contact us if there is any help that our members can usefully provide.
Yours Faithfully,
Judit Gilyén
President of HAAP

A letter of support
On behalf of the CGJISF I am sending this letter of support to our colleagues and friends in Ukraine and Russia as the world has become a horrified witness to the nightmare of war that has been waged upon the people of Ukraine. My words feel completely inadequate to meet the pain and suffering of all those involved. If I may, I would like to nurture an image in my mind of beautiful Ukrainian fields abundant with sunflowers that I will someday visit. We are providing our community with any additional information they may need to make financial contributions through the venues already established by the IAAP.
Please know that we hold you tightly in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers.
Carolyn H. Bray
President, C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

To The Members and Officers of the IAAP
I write on behalf of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association of New York, to express, with you, our distress and sorrow amidst the still unimaginable but very real travesty now taking place against the people, land, and nation of Ukraine. We are grieving with our colleagues there and all who are in solidarity with them.
We are grateful to the IAAP for giving us a conduit for support of the many who are suffering there.
We know many of our JPA colleagues here will be individually sending funds and offers of assistance in providing services if qualified to do so.
As an IAAP Association, we are here sending a donation of $1000 to support and express appreciation for your work and efforts to distribute funds and services to the victims of this senseless tragedy.
Yours with thanks,
Donald Grasing for the Members of the JPA
New York, USA

Dear Colleagues in Ukraine,
The membership of the Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts wants to express our deeply felt concern and wholehearted support for you and the Ukrainian people in the face of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. Reports tell and photos show the horrifying results of Vladimir Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine and its people. What should be unthinkable today, is not. The reality of indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas, the mass murder of civilians by Russian forces, the mass flight of civilians seeking safety in neighboring countries, and Russian war crimes against captured soldiers is Ukraine’s reality today.
Those who cannot flee without putting family and friends at risk, the elderly and the chronically ill, remain in harm’s way. We feel for the deep pain and immensity of suffering that you and fellow Ukrainians are having to endure. The effects of Putin’s war on Ukraine will be felt long past the time that Russian aggression ends. We support you in the ways available to us now, our thoughts and prayers, and we will continue to hold you in our thoughts and prayers. The IAAP has made available a listing of tangible ways to support you and fellow Ukrainians and my expectation is that individual society members will take supported action based on this list as they are able. In solidarity,
Stephanie Buck, President
Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts

The letter of support
I am sending this letter of support and compassion to our colleagues and people in Ukraine.
In horror and dread we witness the terrible war and bloodshed raging in your country. We are fully conscious of the death and destruction you are going through almost two weeks now.
In situations like this the words often fail us but we do hope that the peace will return to you and your homes, families, loved ones and country soon. We feel and see the pain and losses of your people and we unequivocally stand next to the voices of immediate end of the war.
Mary Smbatyan
President of the Armenian Association for Analytical Psychology, Armenian Developing Group Yerevan, Armenia

Dear colleagues in Ukraine and Russia:
In these moments of collective shadow, when we look with deep pain at the impact of the horror of the war on the civilian population in your countries, we want to make ourselves present from Ecuador to express our deep solidarity for you and your families, as well as for all the people affected for this incomprehensible and painful situation.
We want to express to you that we are available for the support you require to the best of our ability.
Our thoughts and prayers have been with you since last week. We hope that you feel the presence of each one of the Ecuadorian colleagues in these moments of pain and darkness.
With deep solidarity,
Jungian Psychology Group of Ecuador

Dear Colleagues and Friends in Ukraine,
Historically, Russia and Ukraine have developed long-standing family ties on both sides of the borders. With aching hearts, we are thinking of you, our colleagues, friends and relatives in Ukraine. With some of you we are in constant contact, but there are many relatives and friends we have not heard about. We find it so difficult to contain what is happening now and we cannot even imagine how appalled and horrified you must be feeling. Please know that we are deeply worried about you and pray that you, your families, and your loved ones are alive and safe!
In 2014, Siberia had refugees from Donbass, and we worked with those women and children who had experienced the horrors of shooting, bombing, and loss of their loved ones. Yet, we cannot even imagine how much horror and suffering you are going through now, how desperate and helpless you are feeling! It is terrible to see people dying on both sides.
We hope so much that the politicians of Russia and Ukraine sit down at the negotiating table and find a diplomatic solution to this horrifying conflict, and that all the peoples in the world contribute to this.
With our best wishes,
Vera Zabelina and the Siberian Developing Group
Kemorovo, Russia

Дорогие наши украинские коллеги и друзья!
Так исторически сложилось, что Россия и Украина связаны давними родственными узами по обе стороны границ.
Наша группа с болью в сердце думает о вас, о коллегах, друзьях и родственниках на Украине. С кем- то мы поддерживаем постоянную связь, а о судьбе многих родственников, друзей ничего не знаем. То, что происходит сейчас, нам очень трудно выдерживать, и мы даже не представляем как жутко и страшно всем вам! Нам хочется, чтобы вы знали, что мы переживаем за вас, надеемся, что вы в безопасности и молим Бога, чтобы вы и ваши близкие были живы!
В 2014 году у нас в Сибири были беженцы из Донбасса, и мы работали с женщинами и детьми, и знаем какой ужас, переживают люди, когда стреляют, взрывают и гибнут близкие. Хотя при этом мы даже представить себе не можем какой ужас , отчаянье, страдание, беспомощность, вы переживаете сейчас ! Это ужасно, что гибнут люди с обеих сторон!
И мы надеемся, что политики России и Украины сядут за стол переговоров и перейдут к дипломатическому решению этого ужасающего конфликта и народы всего мира будет способствовать этому!
С уважением,
Вера Забелина и Сибирская группа Развития.

Dear colleagues in Ukraine,
On behalf of all Jungian analysts in Korea, I am sending this letter to express our deepest sadness and warm support for our colleagues and innocent people in Ukraine. As Koreans experienced cruel wars and bloodshed due to the insanity of dictators and invaders in the 20th century, our compassion is exceptionally strong for your people. We had been helpless and hopeless when Japanese occupied Korean peninsula for 36 years and North Korean communists invaded the South. We regret that we did not know what had happened in Ukraine for last several years and did not prevent this tragic war. Although it seems quite late for us to do something for you in critical condition, we will do our best to be supportive to your country, especially our colleagues. Although wars have wounded our psyche and body, we witnessed that people, including Koreans and Ukrainians, have eventually overcome the huge calamity. Especially in Ukraine, where independence has been achieved despite cruel invaders and regimes, we believe that Ukrainians can eventually win the oppressive outside forces. And we are determined to help you to bring the peace back to your country.
Many blameless young soldiers, both being forced to fight in Ukraine by Putin and willing to sacrifice their lives for their independency, and innocent civilians including children, are being wounded and killed by foolish war criminals in Russia. Countries all over the world are extremely angry at them and will never forgive the insane war criminals.
We hope people in Ukraine win this war as soon as possible. Until the peace and prosperity come back to your country, we are willing to support you in any situations.
We started campaigning to help people in Ukraine and planning to donate something with our sincere heart in Korea. We also will help to cure the traumatized people in Ukraine with possible ways. Please let us know which works we have to do urgently. You can send email messages ( or call me to the phone (82-2-796-0306 or 8210-6677-0306) and let us know the most efficient way to help Ukraine.
Nami Lee M.D. Ph.D.
President of Korean Association of Jungian analysts.

To Our Dear Friends and Colleagues in Ukraine,
We watch in horror and shock at the brutal invasion of forces of war into your country. The cruel disregard for human life, culture, and all positive symbols of the human spirit shown by this Russian army is horrifying to witness.
We can only imagine what suffering you are going through at this time; to experience the tragedy of losing loved ones, potentially leaving homes and villages, and all the other misfortunes of the violence of war.
Please know that we are doing what we can in our own ways to support your efforts at keeping the light of consciousness and hope alive during this terrible time of darkness.
We are inspired by your bravery and the certitude with which you stand up for your nation and for what is good in the human soul.
We hope you and your families will be safe and we add our voices in demanding an immediate end to this unjustified and shameful war.
On behalf of the members of the International Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority,
John Hoedl
ISPDI President

Dear colleagues in Ukraine and Russia,
We feel deep grief for the suffering you are going through. The losses and painful uncertainty are terrifying. Our thoughts and our feelings are with you.
We are saddened by the war in Ukraine and can only imagine the pain you are experiencing while living in constant fear for the loved ones. The desperation of the refugee processions is certainly unimaginable to today’s political leaders, many of whom displayed irresponsibility and hypocrisy. We are with you in the hope that this darkness will soon come to an end.
Our compassion is devoted to our Russian colleagues, also. The speed at which the entire nation and all of its citizens became targeted and stigmatized is unprecedented. There are no people on this planet whose culture deserves to be “cancelled”.
It was touching to read all these letters from different parts of the world. There is not only hope, but the belief, also, that we will remain supportive and helpful to each other. We wish and we need the world with Ukraine and with Russia. Dear colleagues in these countries, your wounds are different, but you all have them. When all this is over, we hope you would look at them, and recognize the wounds on the other side… Like we all have to do all the time.
People from Ukraine and Russia helped us unselfishly after a devastating period in our country and we will always be grateful for their support.
Information about our support at this moment will be sent to IAAP.
Bojana Stamenkovic Rudic
President of Serbian Analytical Society – DG of IAAP

Dear Ukrainian Colleagues,
On behalf of Pacifica Graduate Institute, I express deep sadness and profound concern for the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Ukraine’s people want to decide their own destiny. The tremendous suffering being inflicted on the Ukrainian people is unwarranted, unacceptable, and wholly undeserved. We stand and join much of the world community in deploring the senseless suffering of this unjust war, echoing the international community’s calls for de-escalation and an immediate resolution of hostilities.
We join and support the initiative of the Coalition of Over 500 College and University Presidents Calls on Secretaries Mayorkas and Blinken to Designate Ukraine for Temporary Protected Status and Special Student Relief.
At a core level we feel solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their desire to retain their freedom and national agency.
Joseph Cambray, Ph.D.
Pacifica Graduate Institute
California, USA

Dear colleagues, Today we are arriving a week after waking up with the surprise, sadness, and horror of the images of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.
We are concerned about our Ukrainian and Russian colleagues, their safety, and the terrible psychological impact that these actions may had have on them. We know how painful is to be in the middle of a political and military conflict in which we can do nothing to avoid it but also be dragged by the situation and its consequences on the relations and dynamics with our neighbours. It is not easy to maintain a psychological attitude and avoid polarization. We are confident that at the end, all things flow, nothing abides.
For all the world this has been a situation that surpasses any fantasy and immerses us in the destructive field of Mars and war.
We also want to let you know that you can count on us, as the Jungian Latin American collective and your colleagues, for any kind of support in these hard times.
Eduardo Carvallo
President of CLAPA
Latin America Committee for Analytical Psychology

Dear loved Ukrainian Friends and Colleagues,
For the last five years I have been privileged to take a part in the development and growth process of Analytical Psychology in Ukraine through supervisions and teaching seminars on various Jungian topics.
I have always been enriched and inspired by your eagerness to learn, your curiosity, depth, sensitivity, courage, humor, warmth and your soulful devotion to the people you are treating; but above all what I always felt was the special energy of your individuation drive, constantly searching for your own unique voice as Ukrainian Jungian Analysts and Psychotherapists.
I felt that this voice is interwoven with your country’s unique ancient history starting in Kyivian Rus in the 9th century, your unique language that you were often forbidden by Russia to use in schools and… with another mysterious magical unique Ukrainian ingredient that is so present and palpable yet cannot be defined in words… Now this voice in under a brutal attack, your voice as psychotherapists and the voice of your beloved country-Ukraine.
Fundamentalism will always try to eradicate differences, make everything the same. Now fundamentalism wants to turn Russia and Ukraine into one country.
Fundamentalism is attacking individuation, attacking differentiation. It can cause prolonged agonizing pain and misery, but it will never win over LIFE! LIFE is a celebration of differences, repetition of patterns that are similar but never identical, only dead objects are identical. Ukraine is not identical to Russia! You cannot eradicate difference, difference is the eternal essence of LIFE. We experience this energy of life in our consulting rooms when we accompany the individuation journey of our patients. This is also the energy of the emergence of Ukraine. It will not be stopped by the deadly war machines of Fundamentalism. A rock can never defeat water; they will always find pathways to flow through. LOVE will win over power.
Yesterday I read that a group of Russian primary school children in Moscow were put in jail, behind bars! just because they were holding anti-war signs. This horrific perverse act of the Russian police against the freedom of speech and expression of primary school children will never in the long run suppress the human free spirit! Some of these children will become the adults who will fight back against fundamentalism in the future.
My words are also supported by the members of the New Israeli Jungian Association. We are all disgusted and horrified to hear Vladimir Putin saying out loud and clear that he is on a mission to “De-Nazify” Ukraine whilst committing criminal acts of murder and aggression against the innocent peaceful civilians of Ukraine, a country that its brave patriotic president Volodymyr Zelensky was born to a Jewish family. I do not know if Putin is aware of the fact that the three brothers of Zelensky’s grandfather- Simon were murdered in the Holocaust.
We support with all our hearts your basic human rights to live freely and creatively in your country Ukraine and build it according to your vision.
We all hold your hands, hug you and pray that this unbearable crisis will be over soon. The First Prime minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion who declared its independence, used to say:
“People who do not believe in Miracles are not Realistic”.
We know from our Jungian Psychotherapy work that miracles happen every day. Every dream our patients bring is a miracle.
Nobody will stop us from dreaming: “If you do not have a dream how can you make a dream come true“!

A Rock can never defeat Water
Life is stronger than Death
Love is stronger than power.

Dr. Yoram Inspector M.D
On Behalf of The New Israeli Jungian Association (NIJA)
Iris Elyakim-Meroz President of the NIJA
And 55 members and candidates of NIJA

Dear Ukrainian Colleagues,
Here, in Western Canada, we watch with abject horror at the unprovoked atrocities of war being inflicted upon you, your people and your land at the hands of the Russian aggressor, Putin. We can only imagine the terror and grief you are experiencing. Your situation tears at the fabric of our hearts. We stand in awe at the Ukrainian people’s courage and strength in fighting this aggressor, while at the same time realizing how fear and exhaustion must be overwhelming at times. We want you to know that we, among so many others, stand in firm solidarity with you. In Canada, there is a large Ukrainian immigrant population. We hear their cries for freedom from oppression, with new perspective on what freedom really means.
We only pray that the support and heartfelt sorrow that we, and so many, feel for Ukraine is at least an outward expression of the upspringing water of life, a never ending well of replenishment indispensable for body, spirit and soul. The I’Ching Hexagram 48, The Well, describes the well as an inexhaustible source of replenishment to the exhausted serfs of the land. Although continually in use it is always refilled. It is the source of life. Even if the location of the town changes, the central position of the well remains unchanged. The well is an image of tranquil dispensing of bounty to all who approach it.
It is our hope that somehow you will be able to draw from these living waters even, perhaps especially, in the midst of the onslaught of war. May you accept our fervent wish for peace to come to your country, to your hearts, and to this world.
On behalf of the members of WCAJA,
Judith Dowling
President, WCAJA

Dear Colleagues and friends in Ukraine,
In Taiwan, our country and our people are with you in spirit. We know the path to democracy has not always been easy. In the past few days, the country and people of Ukraine have demonstrated the strong commitment to democracy, independent, and freedom. The people of Ukraine also embody the courage and resilience to push back against aggression and violence. All the members of the Taiwan Society of Analytical Psychology call for an end to the assault and stand in solidarity with your people and your country. We pray for a restoration of your peace and your right as an independent nation. We believe in the strength that comes from people of all nations, and “light will win over darkness.”
Taiwan Society of Analytical Psychology, TSAP

Dear Ukrainian Colleagues and Friends,
We are horrified at what has happened to your country and people just now by the invasion of the Russian army. War is the ultimate violence which neglects and destroys all the individual’s ordinal life and happiness. We can imagine how scared you are, how many sleepless nights you have and how anxious you are about the future. We know that family members ought to seek safety separately in many cases. It is really tough. Actually, we are powerless to reduce your difficulties, but with empathy we pray that certain human wisdom will find a way to end this unjust war, and that you will regain your normal life in peace as soon as possible.
We don’t forget that we were greatly encouraged by warm messages and donations from IAAP members of all over the world, when we had a terrible natural disaster of earthquake and tsunami in 2011. We are willing to do anything which could be any help for you. So please let us know, if there is anything.
Wishing peace again,
Sonoko Toyoda
President of AJAJ (Association of Jungian Analysts, Japan)
On behalf of our members

Our Dear Colleagues in the Ukraine
We, the members and candidates of the Israeli Society of Analytical Psychology ISAP strongly join the support of the IAAP.
We would like to express our strong support, our deep feelings of anger, frustration and sadness, for the aggressive invasion of Russia into your country and the horrific atrocities that are taking place.
Our members are committed to support you in various ways and will try to be attuned to your present and unfolding needs. Unfortunately, many of us are experienced with treating acute collective trauma, so hopefully we can offer help to the helpers, direct interventions of adults, parents, adolescents and children.
We realize you must be heavily burdened with your own survival struggles, while helping others, and from our end we will make all efforts to be available and flexible. Most of us are English speaking. If needed, it seems that we will able arrange some professional help in Russian. You can be in touch via mail:
or via phone:
Ahuva +972-50-7341415
Anita +972-54-5448883
Esti +972-50-7874193

Dear Ukrainian colleagues.
Message of solidarity.
Jung was so right when he predicted that the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Acquarius would be painful and full of conflict. And there are already so many conflicts that the explosion of yet another one is truly terrifying.
Our heartfelt wishes go to those who are suffering homelessness, uprootedness, pain and even death.
Robert M Mercurio
A.R.P.A., Italia

Dear President and members of the Ukrainian developing group,
Here in Malta and Cyprus we are very much shocked by the invasion on your territory and by the suffering and horror that your people are currently enduring.
We are in solidarity with you in these dark hours which have fallen directly on you and also on the world at large. We also hope that this war will come to an end as soon as possible so that innocent lives are saved and a process of healing can emerge from this traumatic upheaval.
Warmest regards,
Laner Cassar
Malta Depth Psychological Association/
(Malta Developing Group)

Dear colleagues living in Ukraine!
In these difficult, “dark” times, when there is so much incomprehensible and inexplicable. When there is only one truth, that war in the modern world is absurd, terrible and unacceptable! When, unfortunately, decisions are made by governments that are unable to find words and agree. Feeling supported by each other is more important than ever.
Fear and pain fills our souls. Words get stuck in a lump of tears, feelings fall like a stone on the soul. Every day, looking through the news with pain and hope, we look to tomorrow.
Kazakhstan, during the war years, was a deep rear. It was a support and stronghold where the elderly, women and children were evacuated. A country famous for its hospitality, resilience and friendliness.
Now, in a difficult hour, we are with you. We would like you to know that there is a rear. There are people who think about you, worry and sympathize.
With deep respect for your courage and perseverance.
Igumnova Olga
(Chair of the Kazakhstan Development Group)

Dear Colleagues in Ukraine and Russia,
On behalf of the membership of the C.G. Jung Institute of New England, I would like to express our grave concern and heartfelt support for you as you respond to this most terrible and brutal attack on Ukraine at the direction of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. We wish you courage in facing this deadly and destructive aggression, and hope for a quick and just end to the violence against the body and spirit of your nation and its citizens. Our hearts also go out to our colleagues in Russia who we know to be likewise suffering deeply as a consequence of the actions of their government, and the peril to the soul – if not otherwise – in which it has also placed them. We also understand that the effects of this war will continue to be felt long after the killing and devastation ceases. Presently and looking forward, we stand ready as an Institute to make available to you, and to your candidates and students, whatever practical psychological support that might prove helpful.
In solidarity,
Stuart Sherman, President
C. G. Jung Institute of New England

Dear Ukrainian colleagues,
On behalf of the Sociedad Uruguayo-Argentina de Psicología Analítica (SUAPA) we want to send you our solidarity, moral support, and encouragement.
We hope that this terrible, unjust, and merciless war will end soon, and the peace will return to your homes and can be safe.
Our heartfelt wishes,
Ana Deligiannis
President SUAPA
Uruguay – Argentina

We extend our heartfelt support and sympathy to all our colleagues, their analysands, friends and loved ones in both Ukraine and Russia whose lives will be deeply affected by this senseless act of war by the Kremlin. We are especially devastated by the cruelty and carnage being inflicted on defenceless and innocent citizens of Ukraine whose lives as a result are being shattered. The outcome is uncertain, but we hold the hope for a peaceful resolution soon.
Ester Haumann
SAAJA President
South Africa

Dear Colleagues in Ukraine,
Our heartfelt support and sympathy go out to you, to your loved ones, and to your analysands during the terrible attack on your country. We are with you in spirit and hope to support the courageous people of Ukraine in any way possible. If there are practical ways that we can help, please let us know. We hope and pray for a rapid end to the violent invasion of your country and the full restoration of your peace, safety and rights as a nation.
With deepest care,
Kaityrn Wertz
The Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA)
North America

Dear President, dear colleagues of the Ukraine DG,
we would like to express to you all, to your families and friends our warm support and solidarity. Although we are well aware that no words can tell the atrocities and the suffering you are living, and we all are witnessing, by this letter we send to you our deepest closeness and warmth.
With our hearts broken, we are keeping you all in our thoughts and in our prayers.
Please, contact us if we can be of any help!
AIPA (Associazione Italiana di Psicologia Analitica-Italian Association of Analytical Psychology)

To our Colleagues and Friends in Ukraine,
As days go on and our colleagues in the Ukraine face one of the worst imaginable situations of hostility, terror and violence, our faith in humanity and individual liberty is strongly challenged. Let these basic values overtake belligerence and destruction!
In this sense we send you again our deep empathy and support in these darkest days. We also want to assure you that we not only express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people but also offer to provide any help that is possible from our side.
Our concern also goes towards our students from the Ukraine and from Russia. Back home or here in Switzerland, they carry the terrible burden of fear for their loved ones, for their lives and their immediate future, for the becoming of their nations. Our members as well as the C.G. Jung-Institute Zürich try to support them as best as possible and provide psychological and financial help permitting them to continue their studies under the current situation.
Evy Tausky, President CGJIZ

Dear Ukrainian colleagues.
No war is legitimate!
Unfortunately we are watching astonished this war as a consequence of political insanity.
The SBrPA sends total solidarity to our Ukrainian colleagues. We hope that you and your families, friends and patients, keep safe during this terrible period.
We want you to know that we are together putting forces in life and peace. If we can be helpful in any way, please let us know.
We wish that this war ends immediately!
Please receive our total solidarity!

Dear All,
Thank you so much for the Statement on behalf of IAAP. As the president of CSAP, I support, and I will take participant in the action, to support the psychological care for the affected and hurt people in the region.
When the earthquake hit South-West China in 2008, and more recently, the impact of Corvid-19, especially in the first three months in 2020, IAAP gave us the support we just needed. We are very grateful.
I personally donate 1000 Eur. for the related project and will make my effort for the psychological care for the affected and hurt people as much as I can.
With great respect and best wishes,
Heyong Shen,

Dear Presidents, the Ukraine Society and Colleagues,
All the members and candidates of the Jungian Societies in London would like to express their support and solidarity. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please contact us if there is any help that our members can usefully provide.
With love and best wishes,
The Umbrella Group in London
the London Jungian Societies,
United Kingdom

Dear President of UJA
From the Danish society we also wish to express our shock from observing the grotesque and violent attack on Ukraine these days. We wish like all others to express our sympathy and support to all our colleagues and their friends and families in the region that suffer in these difficult times and hope you will all be and stay safe.
Arne Vestergaard
President, DSAP,

Dear Ukrainian friends and colleagues
Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology in honor of Erich Neumann is sending our strongest support for you in this dark period. We are offering our help not only as individuals but also as mental health professionals.
We, Jungian Analysts in Israel, feel as special bond with your Developing Group, through Annual Intensive School of Analytical Psychology for Russian Speakers in Israel, and especially through the ongoing leadership of Batya Brosh Palmoni, liason person to DG, as well as the many members of our Institute who have taught Ukrainian Routers. We, perhaps more than most countries, know what it is like to experience war, terror, missile attacks and deal with their traumatic effects on the psyche. Therefore our empathy and understanding is all the greater. We hope to work with you as fellow Jungians to provide support, supervision, trauma work etc.
As Jungians, we believe that good can come out from evil and it is our hope that we will live to experience this truth.
As Moses said to Joshua,
חזק ואמץ
Khazak veAmatz, meaning “Be Strong and of Great Courage”
Holding you in our hearts
Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology in honor of Erich Neumann

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Students of Ukrainian Society of Analytical Psychology, On behalf of ISAPZURICH, AGAP’s training institute, we wish to express our sympathy and support for you and your people in this time of harrowing trial. We are aware that your group has consisted of Ukrainians and several colleagues and students from Russia. We hope that the horrific military invasion, which has been directed from the Kremlin, will not affect the solidarity, collegiality, and long friendships among the members of diverse backgrounds in your society and across nations.
Like you all, we hope for better days. May Jungian Psychology, which has always upheld some kind of belief in a transcendent factor, be a source of consolation and strength as you face unpredictable events that hopefully will soon come to an end.
Our heartfelt thoughts are with you as you live through these days and nights of terror,
Deborah Egger
International School of
Analytical Psychology Zurich

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Students in Ukraine and Russia,
We send heartfelt concern and care from the nearly 400 AGAP members residing in 30 different countries around the world. We are horrified at the Kremlin’s aggression and the danger and suffering inflicted on all of your people. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers, wishing you great courage. We send blessings to all who are working for the well-being of your peoples. We hope this war will end soon, before many more lives are taken or ruined.
In solidarity with you all,
Josephine Evetts-Secker and Stacy Wirth
AGAP International
Association of Graduates
in Analytical Psychology

Dear Ukrainians and all Colleagues
I am deeply affected by the invasion of Ukraine. My feelings are with you, and I express these feelings on behalf of my colleagues in our Institute. In recent days, we have been organizing financial assistance to support course on Crisis Intervention Counsellor’s Models. We are looking for other ways to be of service to your war-affected country.
I very much appreciate the possibility of our next meeting on 15 March, the opportunity to meet together in the atmosphere of a tragically changed Europe. With sadness, anger and love
Petr Patočka, CIAP,
Czech Republic

Dear Colleagues in Ukraine,
We woke yesterday to the news that the Russian army had started the attack on Ukraine. We are all horrified. We are witnessing these events with incredulity, anger, sadness and fear. We feel for you, our friends, and for your families who are in such acute danger. It is shocking how quickly a cruel and anonymous war machine can and has taken over your country. We are so connected to you and are so mindful of the links of friendship which have grown between us.
We hold you in our hearts constantly and want to express to you all the deep sense of solidarity we feel with you when one member of the body suffers, we all suffer!
These are devastating times and please let us know the ways in which we can support you.
with best wishes on behalf of members and candidates of the Association of Jungian Analysts in London, UK.
Liz Grant
Chair of AJA
United Kingdom

On the behalf of the Association of Jungian Analysts in Poland I would like to send you all our prayers, love and support in this most terribly shocking time. Please consider us as your brothers and sisters. Many of us, and not only Jungians but the general psychotherapeutic community who we’re in touch with are involved in various activities aimed to help our dear neighbours Ukrainians in this nightmare. But if we can be of any particular practical help, please do not hesitate for one moment to let me know. Some of our analysts, candidates and trainees already expressed a will and capacity to help with donations, actual flats or houses to stay in or other ways. We will respond to any possible needs with full focus and welcome and use all our professional and personal help networks and do our best to support you. We’re also preparing an official statement. May you and your close ones be safe and successful in protecting yourselves and your country in the coming dark night and the following days and always.
Слава Україні,
Bartosz Samitowski
President of AJAP,


Dear Ukrainian people,
we are with all our hearts with you! We hope that evil will be stopped, and consciousness prevails. We are sending to you at least our moral support, but if we can help you in any way, please let us know. There was a big protest meeting in Vilnius yesterday, and we will continue to protest against the war in Ukraine as long as it takes to stop the invader.
With a big concern and wishing strength for all of you,
LAAP president Goda Rukšaitė,

Dear colleagues in Ukraine,
We are with you! There have been several protests in Tallinn. Everybody is thinking about how best to support Ukraine and to stop Putin’s horrific violence.
In consulting room everybody talks about war.
We are with you with all our hearts, our Ukrainian brothers and sisters!
Monika Luik
President of Finnish-Estonian Group for Analytical Psychology
Finland, Estonia

Dear Ukrainian colleagues,
From our side in Belgium, we are thinking of you, and we are deeply affected by your message.
We are of course in favour of mobilising with the IAAP to protest against this conflict. If you have other needs or to organise a welcome, you can come back to us.
Take care,
François-Xavier POLIS (Belgium)
Psychiatre de l’Adolescence
Psychanalyste (SBPA, IAAP)
Teaching Member en thérapie par le jeu de sable (BGST, ISST)

Dear colleagues, dear friends from Ukraine!
We are all shocked by what is happening between our countries. We, members of the RSAP, want to express our solidarity and support to the Ukrainian people. The invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine plunged us all into horror. Our thoughts are with you. Our societies have a long history of interaction, cooperation and mutual assistance. Our hearts and prayers are with you. We really hope that all the horror that is happening will end as soon as possible, that your families will not suffer and everyone will be alive. However, the world will never be the same again.
The situation in which we found ourselves today – was unimaginable until recently. Fraternal peoples, common family ties between Ukraine and Russia, it seemed, nothing could destroy. We are very sorry that, not by choice, we are now on different sides. This is scary. We have the opportunity not to destroy all that human, personal and valuable things that we have been building all these years and resist all the aggression of the Russian army that has flooded the world around. We really appreciate all of you as a society and as real individual people. We think of you and we are with you.
We, as society, can do everything to support humanly and professionally our colleagues, our clients in Ukraine, all civilians, all those who are in shock trauma. We very much hope that our professional and personal connections will help to gradually work towards the restoration of peace. War is pure undisguised evil.
We have not done enough to stop this horror. People in Moscow, in St. Petersburg go in the streets in protest against the war.
We pray that this horror will end soon, and that the Guardian Angel will protect you and your families during this terrible time. Please accept our words of support and love!
Pavlikova Natalia
President of the RSAP
on behalf of all members of the RSAP,

Dear Ukrainian colleagues, dear all,
We are deeply moved and concerned by this terrible attack against Ukraine. We want to send to you our warm moral support and we are ready for financial support too. It seems a good idea to get a collective position at the IAAP level or the European one.
Our next European meeting will be very important and useful in this context.
We will attend it.
Warm regards,
Nathalie Dominguez and Samira Richer-Villar

In Spain we are very surprised and terribly worried about the course of events in Ukraine. No matter how much he talked, it was hard to imagine that Putin would carry out his threats. We are with you, and we hope and wish that this disaster can be solved as soon as possible. Isabel Uribe
Presidenta de SEPA, Sociedad Española de Psicología Analítica.

Dear President, Colleagues and Students of the Ukraine Society,
In these shocking days of war that we impotently are witnessing we wish to express our solidarity to all of you and all your country that are suffering so much.
We want you to know that we will support any initiative that could bring peace back to you and to all of us.
Let us know if there’s something we can do to support you in this difficult moment and meanwhile we share with you our dreams of peace.
Pasqualino Ancona and all the community of CIPA analysts,

Dear President, Colleagues of the Ukraine Society!
We met today and discussed the current state of affairs. It is very unexpected and tragic. It caught us all off guard. We are all strongly against violence and cruelty. We are always for dialogue and negotiation, for peace. All members of the AAPR express support and sympathy for colleagues from Ukraine. We all really want the situation to be resolved peacefully as soon as possible, so that there are no casualties and grief among all people, our colleagues and their families.
Sincerely, Valery Trofimov, President of the AAPR.

Dear All,
As everyone else, we are deeply shocked by the violence and absurdity of the situation in Ukraine. My colleagues from Küsnacht join me in my concern and wish to express their sympathy and solidarity to all of you.
Our heart and our thoughts go out to our colleagues and their families in the Ukraine and in Russia.
Evy Tausky, C.G. Jung-Institut Zürich,

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