In the Spotlight – Gert Sauer

Gert Oskar Alexander Sauer is a psychotherapist and Jungian psychoanalyst who works and teaches in Freiburg, Germany. He is a senior analyst and supervisor at the Institute for Analytical Psychology in Stuttgart. He has been married to his wife Rodtraud since 1965 and they have 3 children and now 6 grandchildren. Rodtraud was and is the manager of their work together.

When the iron curtain came down, they showed great interest towards the post-soviet region and started to organize different forms of support for individuals interested in Analytical Psychology. Gert Sauer has given many seminars and he lectures widely; he was and is very active in the IAAP Routers Programme. He is the liaison person for the Kemerovo Developing Group, which is in the process of becoming a group member of IAAP. He has contributed to many publications in recent years. He contributed ‘About two cultural complexes’ to the book Europe’s Many Souls: Exploring Cultural Complexes and Identities, and ‘Cultural Trauma in Modern Germany’ to the book Confronting Cultural Trauma: Jungian Approaches to Understanding and Healing. He has also published a book Siberian Lectures on Analytical Psychology (in Russian).

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