In the Spotlight – Donald Kalsched

I had the opportunity to meet Donald Kalsched for the first time at a Conference in Santorini, in September 2012. At that time I was writing a paper to be presented at the International IAAP Congress in Copenhagen, the following year. While writing my paper, some questions regarding the role of the Internal Saboteur had come up to me, and I asked Don’s opinion on them. On that occasion, I was impressed by his helpfulness.

Donald Kalsched, besides being a very sensitive analyst, is a friendly, humble and very relatable person. He is always ready to help colleagues or trainees, openly listening to, and sharing reflections with them. Furthermore, he is a talented writer, very able to convey his thoughts as well as to make simpler even the most complex of Jung’s reflections.

Click HERE to read Luisa Zoppi’s portrait of Donald Kalsched in full.

In addition, we link HERE to an interview by Emilija Kiehl from the News Sheet no 7 from October 2014.

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