In the Spotlight – Beverley Zabriskie

We are delighted to bring a portrait of another of our colleagues who has had a remarkable influence on the Jungian community. This time, Beverley Zabriskie is in the spotlight. Please enjoy Margaret Klenck’s introduction to Beverley Zabriskie’s presentation of herself below.

Beverley took the proposal to be the subject of this IAAP Spotlight as an invitation to explore her own thoughts and feelings about her life as a Jungian. Her ruminations are moving and insightful. She takes us through her early years as a Journalist in New York City to her meeting Philip Zabriskie and the ensuing – and unexpected – entry into the Jungian world.

Whether she is telling the story of meeting an old woman chopping wood (who turns out to be Marie-Louise von Franz) or she is delineating her explorations of neuroscience and emotion, Beverley is both candid and reflective.

I have known Beverley since my earliest days training at the CG Jung Institute in New York. She was the riveting teacher of Egyptian Mythology and clearly a force at the Institute. She was my mentor and is now my colleague and friend. Click HERE and read Margaret Klenck’s introduction in full.

Beverley Zabriskie has written a really inspiring essay about her life. Click HERE and enjoy!

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