In the Spotlight – Peter Ammann

Our feature, where we bring a portrait of one of our colleagues who has had a remarkable influence on our Jungian community, has turned out to be most popular. So, we are delighted to bring the next portrait, this time of Peter Ammann. Please enjoy Fred Borchardt’s portrait of Peter Ammann below.

One of the ways of telling the story about Peter Ammann, is to tell the stories of the meaningful meetings and encounters he had in his life. But first we will start with the facts of his professional life: Peter Ammann originally trained as a Cellist and received a PhD from the University of Zürich in musicology, history of religion and ethnology. He was, however, called to the world of Analytical Psychology and completed his analytical training at the C G Jung Institute in Zurich in 1965.

Click HERE to read Fred Borchardt’s portrait of Peter Ammann in full.
You may watch the video from the plenary presentation at the Vienna Congress by clicking this LINK